Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Year Anniversery

A year ago from today,
Sergio and I were getting off a plane and starting a new life in the United States.
Although saying good-bye was hard,
this last year has been far from boring.

A few days after we arrived, Derek also returned from his mission in Indianapolis, Indiana.
We surprised him when we were there to welcome him home. 
A couple of weeks later (May 14th)
my amazing mother received what we had been praying for.
A new heart.
It was so hard being away from home when I knew my mom was sick.
This great gift came as quite the miracle, knowing that I didn't have to worry about how long my mom was going to live anymore.

A short time later we found out that we were going to have yet another new life in ours.
This was my dad's Father's day present last year. 
It was quite the surprise.
Most of the rest of the year was spent waiting our our little gringanada.

In June we snuck home for this sweet gift:
It was our first niece from my side of the family.
It was a really special day.
But, it did make us even more anxious to get to meet our little girl!

Nothing makes waiting go faster like keeping busy...
The World Cup of Soccer did just that for us.
(At least for a couple of weeks.) 

The first 6 months or so of our time in the U.S. was spent on back and forth trips to Utah.
I can literally drive the I-84 without hands.

We loved our first glances at our little doll. : )

As my belly continuted to grow: 
We celebrated Sergio getting his green card.
It was a lot of work, but it was a pretty sweet Christmas present!
It was also awesome to have Darlene and David's family over for the holidays.

Febuary 9th, I finally burst.
We welcomed this little bundle into our arms.
The last few months have been spent loving on her.
She's already getting so big and beautiful!!

I can't believe that so much can be crammed into one year,
and this is just the condensed version.
It has been pretty amazing.
Even though some days I really miss Argentina,
I can't imagine what I would have done if I would have been away.
I am so grateful for my parents that have taken such good care of us as we start our lives all over again.
I am grateful for Sergio and his willingness to leave his family, friends, job and everything he has ever known to come be with me.
And mostly, I am grateful to my Heavenly Father and the way that He has answered every one of our prayers.


Lene said...

You have fit an amazing amount of life changing events in one little year. I am so glad you are here and close enough that we can visit and spoil your sweet little gringanada.

Janiece said...

We have loved every minute of having you here with us.
And I HAVE loved having you be my "caregiver" and I too am so grateful that Sergio loves you enough to leave all that he knew.

linda said...

What an exciting and amazing journey you've been on in the last few years! It's all been so wonderful!

I look forward to seeing what our wonderful heavenly Father has in store for you in the future!

Jill said...

Wow you've had quite the year...your little girl is soo adorable!