Thursday, April 14, 2011


It's the day that I had been dreading...
Isn't that the saddest face you have ever seen?
Our sweet little baby received her first set of immunizations.
Hepatitis B,
Pneumococcal Disease,
Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis
(in 3 separate shots.)
She was also suppose to get a Rotaviris immunization (for diarrhea), but since it is a live vaccine, and since my mom is on a lot of steroids, she wouldn't have been able to be anywhere close to grandma for a week.
No one wanted that so we opted out of it.
It must not have been too bad since she only cried while we walked out of the waiting room know just enough to freak out all the other mommies waiting to get their children immunized.
Then she took a 3 hour nap.
Maybe all that Tylenol had something to do with it... 
We had a happy baby for the rest of the day.
We are looking forward to her sleeping all night again tonight.
Wish us luck!


Janiece said...

She did really good!
I mean really who doesn't cry when a mean, old, grumpy lady walks into the room, let alone shoves three needles in your leg and scratches you too!!!

Kara said...

I told you it wouldn't be that bad. I love those pictures of her crying. She is still cute even when her smile is upside down!

TaraMarie said...

Oh man. I think I'm gonna have to make my husband go to the 2 month alone. I cry when I see a needle coming towards me...When she got her PKU in her heel, I almost cried and you don't even see a needle then!

Definitely NOT looking forward to the shots!!

Lene said...

So sad.