Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mommies Little Monster

So -
You learn a lot as a new mom...
like to turn the inside liners of the diapers outwards so they don't leak all over the place...or, how to eat left handed while holding a wiggly human in the other arm.
At the same time you don't know everything
 - I'll admit -
I spend a lot of time "reading up" on mommy websites.
One thing that I really felt as a new mom is that
you can't spoil a newborn.
This picture is of Sergio feeding our Gringanada
her very first bottle.
I held off until week 6.
Pretty good right?
Obviously I wanted to hold off as long as I could since I didn't want her to have "nipple confusion" or any of that bla, bla, bla...
was an emergency.
The last 3 days this little bundle of joy of ours hasn't let me put her down, she cries for everyone but her mommy.
She won't sleep in her crib
or even so much as the couch right next to me. 
She knows where she is comfortable and she knows how to get it.
Taking a shower has been next to impossible,
let alone eating,
doing my hair,
cleaning up after ourselves,
etc, etc, etc...
BUT, it's all worth it for someone so perfect, right?
Anyway, tonight I passed our little bundle to Sergio.
He always loves holding her while he's home,
But with our recent clingy-ness issue
it became quite the dramatic experience.
Our little angel could barely take gasps of breath
between her wails.
(This was just while I was taking a bathroom break)
I took her from him for a second and she
immediately calmed down.
Determined not to be outdone by someone under 10 pounds I handed her back to Sergio.
It was like the crying had never stopped.
I knew something had to be done.
I rushed to the freezer and quickly heated a bag of milk,
all under the pressure of bloodcurdling squeals.
In record breaking time she had that bottle
in the middle of her beat red face.
It was then and there that she realized that her daddy isn't so bad.
They have really bonded...
All this time I have been convinced that you can't spoil a newborn
and that our little doll was just a good judge of character...
- it turns out I was wrong -
 She just loves me for my boobs.


Janiece said...

You are an amazing Mommy...and don't always believe all the bla, bla, bla you read on the web.
Your little girl just likes being with to you, on you...
Besides, it is good for daddy's to have that special bonding time too.
Love ya

Janiene said...

You're such a cute mommy! She's so beautiful! What an adorable family you have! Thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

Love the blog, happy that that little found out her daddy can serve up the good stuff too. Maybe you will be able to have an extra shower or two in the coming weeks now that your little monster likes her dad more :)

Kayleen said...

You and Sergio are GREAT parents and you are soooooo can't spoil a newborn....they are only that little for such a short time! Keep up the Great work! Love ya!

Lene said...

You can't spoil a newborn. But you can make her realize that she feels safe and secure with you. And that Dad can serve up the good stuff too.

Kara D. said...

You're so funny! You will forever be learning new things as a parent. And don't you feel guilty at all about using a bottle! Good for you!

Josh and Ali said...

We have the same thing going on at our house. Sad to say that it doesn't get better even at 9 months. Especially when she is teething!