Saturday, January 8, 2011

I see your Baby!!!

Isn't this is the cutest little boy you have ever seen??
He's even more cute (if you can imagine that) when you hear him talk.
Ham is my little cousin.  He came to visit with his family for Christmas.

I really have missed him.
Every time that I passed him in the hallway or walked in the house he would yell...
"Kira! I see your baby!" 
I would ask him, "Where?"
and he would walk up and poke my protruding stomach...
"Right there"

Then, like most 4 years old, came the questions.
Luckily I never had to answer where babies come from...but I was bombarded with...
"Kira, when is your baby going to come out?"
It made me laugh.
It was always followed by...I really want to see your baby.

My favorite was when I was playing with my little 6 month old niece upstairs and she had got a little fussy.
Ham came running up stairs and came and starred at me.
"Kira! Did your baby come out???"

I don't know who is more anxious...him or me.

Sergio and I are also excited for our baby to come out.


Janiece said...

me too!

Lene said...

He is the cutest little thing ever!

Hey...did your baby come out?

Hurry and get your baby out so I can come see you!!