Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

This year has been full of Miracles.
Last January we would have never imagined that we would be back in the states.
We didn't think that we would be eligible for a visitors visa.
We didn't know that my mom would need a heart transplant, and we never expected her to receive a perfect match so quickly.
Derek never imagined that we would be there for his homecoming...and really...neither did we.
We were excited to find out that we were expecting a sweet baby girl in February.
We didn't know if we would get to be here for Christmas.
We were ecstatic when Sergio's green card came.

What a year.
There have been so many things that have happened it is impossible to not believe in miracles.

We are looking forward to an awesome 2011.
It is already starting out splendidly.
Sergio has a job.
We are waiting for our new addition and we know that we will be seeing many more miracles.

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Lene said...

It has been an amazing year for you. You are so truly blessed.