Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great Milestones

This week I have hit a few great milestones in my life.

On the 8th of April I hit one year “home” from my mission.

On April 10th Sergio and I celebrated our 6 month Anniversary!

It has been an awesome 6 months and I can’t believe all that I have learned. I feel like I have grown more in this time then in any other time in my life.

I love Sergio very much and he makes me a much better person.

it does not mean that we don’t still have our “cultural differences.”

I have a story:

The other day Sergio had a sore muscle or something. It had been bothering him for a couple of days. You know one of those sore muscles that when you move your neck you hurt…it was bothering him a lot.

After a few days of pain he came up with the perfect solution.

He asked me to make a cone out of paper. I had seen these cones before…and I knew that people catch them on fire to melt the stored up wax out of their ears…so I kindly asked if his ears were hurting him.

He doctrinally explained, “no, it’s to take the air out…”

and I asked... “ The air out? The air out of what?

he says:

“no I think that there is air in my shoulder and that’s why it hurts”

and I said...

I don’t think that there is air in your shoulder.

and he says

“yes, it has happened to me before”

being obedient I made a cone

The first one I, admit, I used running around the house like the Olympic torch…I always wanted to do that…

And the second one I put the small point on his hurt shoulder.

As I made small circular motions with the flaming cone I lovingly I told him if that if he was magically healed that I was going to punch him in the face…because that would mean that it was just his imagination the whole time.

Any who…I don’t know if it was my violent threat or if "I didn’t do it right" or if I am not an Argentine witch doctor or what…
but it didn’t work

There’s more

So Sergio was talking to his mother the next day and he casually mentioned that his shoulder has been bothering him

the first thing she says…

Oh…You probably have air in your shoulder.

I know that when you get married there are a lot of cultural differences…
But…Well...I guess that’s just one more reason that I am a gringanada.