Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a Year

If you have been following my blog you can probably tell
that this last few months has been quite the ride.
...But it isn't over yet...
For Father's Day this year I had an extra special present for my own father.
Sergio and I are going to have a baby!
( See how nice and skinny I am?)
It has totally worth all of the
tiredness and the terrible morning sickness
that we went through
just to see these precious snapshots of
our sweet little daughter
August 19th, 2010 -- 16'ish weeks
These are her little feets...isn't that amazing?
I love this picture as you can just see the love shinning off their faces.

I was pretty stoked too.

Then on September 22nd, 2010
(right around 20 weeks)
We got our second glimpse
It turns out that she is VERY flexible
And she looks a lot like her daddy.
Yah I guess these last few months have been quite the ride...It's been that kind of ride that you look back on your whole life and wonder how so many memories can be packed into such a short time.
I am just so grateful for a husband that has stood beside me and supported me and built me up and helped me to constantly move forward.
This baby is going to have one amazing father.


Janiece said...

Sunshine, YOU will be an amazing mommy.
It has been amazing that is for sure!

Kara D. said...

You will both be awesome parents! I am so happy for you. I look up to you so much. You are truly blessed!