Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saying Goodbye.

These last few months have been PRETTY crazy...
As you may or may not remember my last blogs had been spend on getting Sergio ready for his visa, we were planning on visiting the USA for Christmas 2010.
Through a serious miracle we were granted a visitor visa.

The same week that we were in Buenos Aires for his interview (March 26th, 2010) we also found out that my mom was going to have to have a heart transplant.
Her heart was only working 13%.
We realized that we had a big decision to make.
Our Christmas vacation might be moving up a little bit...
In the next few weeks I had been really worried about what was going to happen to my mom and I really felt like I needed to be there for her.
After 2 weeks we made up our decision.

Our time in Argentina was finished for a time.
It was time to take care of business back in the states.

So...we packed up everything...

And anything that wouldn't fit into our 3 suitcases went to Sergio's parents house.

Leaving all the "Stuff" behind wasn't nearly as hard as having to say goodbye to...
My best friend and 2nd father Julio and his son Leo.
Our Aunts, Uncle and Cousins...and sister.Our parents.
and our Nieces and Nephews.And watching their faces as we left in a taxi on our way to the bus station...not knowing when we are actually going to see them again.At the bus station we were again greeted by our loved ones as we boarded our bus. It was a bitter sweet moment...I was excited to go and see my family again, but I felt like I was leaving everything behind.
We made our way to Buenos Aires where we stayed with our brother and sister, Juan and Antonella, for a couple of days before boarding our last flight to our new home. This was just the beginning to another amazing adventure.


Malissa said...

Wow Kira! That is an amazing story. That must have been tough saying goodbye to your new family and all your friends. I know your mom and family sure appreciated you coming home during a very hard time in their lives. It has been wonderful hearing about your stay here in the states and learning that you are going to have a baby. You and Sergio make such a cute couple, your kids are going to be amazingly beautiful! Can't wait to hear more, keep us updated!

Janiece said...

Love you Sunshine,
I know how hard that must have been.
You have a great Argentine family.

Kara D. said...

That must have been hard, but you are blessed to know that no matter what, you will see them again. I hope to get to see you soon!

Lene said...

So do we know anymore about a Green Card?