Monday, September 20, 2010

Coming home

On Thursday, April 29th, 2010
Sergio and I made the looong flight from
Buenos Aires to Georgia and then on to Salt Lake.

Mom had been moved to Lehi living with my uncle Roland.
She was the lucky one that got to pick us up.

It was so awesome to get to see her after such a long time,
especially since she is my best friend in the whole world!
We spent a couple of days hanging out with my mommy.
A few days later my daddy showed up from Burley.
...but I dont think we were the reason that he came...
Derek got home from his mission 5 days after us. We all made our way to the airport again.

He had NO idea that Sergio and I were going to be there. I held a big sign in front of my face until the last second. He said he looked at Sergio and knew that he recognized him but he didn't know from where.

A split second afterwards I dropped the sign down from my face and his look of surprise was overwhelming. I cried...but just a little bit. : )

I hadn't seen Derek in about 3 years.
It was an amazing reunion and we were back to normal in no time.
Since we had the whole family together again for the first time in a while, we decided to go to the Salt Lake temple.

In the Latter-Day Saint Church,

We believe that through special ordinances that are preformed in these sacred temples we can be with our families forever and for all eternity.

This was a really amazing way to remember that promise.
Within 2 weeks of Derek and us getting home my mom had received amazing news.
She was going to get the heart that she had been waiting for.
On the 13th of May
We received the call.
I will never forget the look on her face as she held the phone to her ear and tears ran down her cheeks.
I just looked at her as she covered her mouth and quietly said
"...I got my heart."
I responded a little less quietly I started to run and jump and dance and yell it to everyone.
Within seconds I had the phone in my hand and was calling my dad.
At first I know he thought it was a joke. She had only been on the transplant list for three months. A normal wait is a year or more.
My dad, Josh and Derek all made it to Salt Lake from Burley.
The next day, Friday the 14th, she had her new little heart.
It was an amazing, emotional, and surreal experience.
I don't know what I would have done if I would have still be in Argentina. It would have killed me if I couldn't have been there for this special ride. It has just amazed me how everything has fallen in place in these last few months. Really it is a miracle. This whole last year has been one big miracle.
I don't always understand why, but I know that our Heavenly Father loves us.
Sometimes he asks us to make sacrifices, but the reward is always worth more than the payment.
I am so grateful for such an amazing family. I am grateful that even though there have been some close calls in the last few years we are still together.
And I know that whatever happens...we will always be together forever.


Lene said...

What the What?!?!? I thought I was your best friend in the whole world.

Love ya sweetie!

Janiece said...

Thanks for the reminder of that amazing week.
We have really seen miracles!

Kara D. said...

I love you Kira! You are so spiritual, and it is because of special friends like you that life is worth it. You're amazing!