Tuesday, February 16, 2010

50 Reasons That I Married an Argentine:

1. Because I can visit my converts whenever I want. 2. Because I like to do things different from everyone else.
3. Because it was absolutely not planned…and that is just how I am.
4. Because it´s so green here and there are a ton of awesome tropical flowers.5. Because I can get a job pretty much anywhere. : )
6. Because I can study for free.
7. Because the food is wonderful.
8. Because there is always mate. 9. Because I practically live in the Andes…How cool is that? 10. Because winter only lasts a few weeks.
11. Because this particular Argentine is really good looking. 12. Because the stars are HUGE!!!
13. Because I know that my family will support me in whatever decision I make.14. Because we have the same goals.
15. Because Argentines can cook!16. Because I like living in the city. 17. Because I think it is cool coming home with dust on my shoes.
18. Because I will be a missionary forever.
19. Because I will never fall back into “who I used to be.” 20. Because web cams reach to the States.
21. Because I know that I am where I should be.
22. Hello…Empanadas! 23. Because his family is Amazing.
24. Because I don't feel so short anymore.
25. Because we know how to party!!!
26. Because he is everything that I always wanted…we were just born on different parts of the world. 27. Because I will always have the nicest tan EVER!
28. Because of one little word – Steak.
29. Because I will never have to vacuum again.
30. Because my old companions could come and visit whenever they wanted and always have a place to stay.
31. Because the good fireworks aren’t illegal.
32. We have really cool old buildings. 33. I practically look like a model with my green eyes and “blonde” hair.
34. Because “how much a person has” won’t matter anymore.
35. Because I have a really sweet accent.
36. Because I could have a pet parrot…and monkey.
37. Because penguins live here.
38. Because in Argentina it is okay to eat pastries (facturas) everyday for breakfast.
39. Because Argentine babies are just SO much cutier. (No offence) 40. Because I already love the people in my ward. 41. Pepsi in Glass bottles…Yum.
42. Because now I really appreciate the small things.
43. I can take my mom to get any prescription she wants…without seeing a doctor…and it´s legal… 44. I can hug anyone with out them thinking that I am weird.
45. The humidity is good for my skin.
46. Because the dollar = 3.80 pesos.
47. Everyone has nap time.
48. Because someday I will learn how to really salsa!!
49. Because everyone knows what they say about “Latin Lovers”
50. Because I am happy here.


Janiece said...

I love you Sunshine!

linda said...

Only one word for this post...AWESOME!

Lene said...

Seriously...a man that makes empanadas like that is a keeper!!

What do you mean about "Latin Lovers"? Ü

Kara D. said...

I love this post, but I hope you didn't feel like you had to explain yourself to us. We know why you are there and that you are happy, you don't need to tell us :) Very fun post, I might have to do one like that myself! Miss you girl.

Alvaro said...

ajjaja.. me gusto, esta buena la lista ;)...
saludos y me alegra ver que estas feliz...

Alvaro said...

aps... soy Alvaro Flores, http://www.facebook.com/Neeph

Anonymous said...

Me encantan tus razones Kira... y me encanta que seas tan feliz en ésta tierra, sin duda alguna es el lugar donde tenes que estar en este tiempo..felicidades...=)
Cynthia Pinto de Galíndez