Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 Months

It seems impossible to believe that we have been married for 3 months already!
I found that Sergio and I had alot in common. That we pull on each other's strengths in building us to be stronger. He make me laugh
and quickly send butterflies with a kiss or a smile.

I did not know that I would so quickly be reviewing the things I believe and have been taught...
To marry the right person, in the right place, by the right authority; and to keep the covenant made in connection with that marriage...those were my goals. at the temple in Buenos Aries
with the wind not wanting to cooperate.
and at times wishing I had a professional photographer
the temple was amazing

and when it was all done....

I was married & sealed for eternity to
exactly the right person.

What an amazing feeling


linda said...

Beautiful! So glad you are happy and doing so well.

I know your mom misses you more than words can express but she is so proud and happy for you. You can feel it in her words!

Janiece said...

3 months already! Enjoy every memory/
Love ya

waltandeileen said...

Three months and eternity to go! You've only just begun to know what happiness is in store for you two.
Love, Los Petersen - Argentina (We're just back from the Salta Mission -- but we were only allowed to go to the two zone conferences right in Salta. We wish we could have come up with Pres. y Hna. Northcutt to Tucaman...but it didn't happen.)