Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Friendly Hello

Well -
This is the explanation that you have all been waiting for.
I am writing this as though we are all friends here.
As you, my friend, may - or may not - already know,
I served a mission for the LDS Church in
Salta, Argentina.
It was an amazing experience and I would never change a thing.
In the last few months of my my mission
I kept feeling like I could do more if I stayed in Argentina
that I could if I went home. I started praying that
if I was suppose to stay that my parents would understand.
During this time my moms emails started to change -
she started telling me that she thought I needed to come back to Argentina to live.
It seemed like an answer to my prayers.
When I returned home I still missed Argentina
and could remember the desires that I had to stay in Argentina.
As my mom shared several spiritual experiences that she had felt,
and although our thoughts were different,
I was excited for the opportunity to come back and visit.
That opportunity came when one of my friends from my last mission area,
Tucuman Central, decided to get married.
Juan Rivadeneira had talked a lot with my mother and she was
determined to go to Buenos Aires for his wedding.
It worked out great for me because I really wanted to visit
my converts and friends and maybe even look into going to school here in Argentina.
When we arrived in Buenos Aires our official tour guides were
Sergio Andres Rivadeneira and Maira Rivadeneira.
I knew Sergio from Barrio Centro as well and
Maira had went with us to a few lessons when I was a missionary.
The more time that Sergio and I spent together
the more I realized what an amazing man he is.
I loved the way that he treated my mother and how he loved his family.
In time we started dating.
It was hard for me because before I came here I liked someone else and
falling in love with an Argentine was the last thing I was expecting.
I was really worried about what the other missionaries,
ex-missionaries, members, friends and my family were all going to think.
As I started to pray to know what I was suppose to do the answers came clearly
and quickly and through the scriptures.
Long story short...
I said that after Josh's wedding that when I knew who I was suppose to marry
I wouldn't wait
I know, and time is flying by.
You can call me a Gringanada now...
Its something between and Gringa and an empanada.
I like it...It makes me happy.