Thursday, December 10, 2009


When we were preparing to get married the bishop asked us if I give my 50% and Sergio gives his 50% if that is good enough...The answer is no.
We both have to give 75% and the extra 25% will strengthen one another.

We are doing excellent...Everyday is a little bit better. We are learning, slowly sometimes, each others customs/culture...for example...I now only walk in the shade to avoid being burned from the dangerous sun...and I always wear shoes to iron. He eats American food and washes his hands and the counters every time that he touch raw meat.

We are also learning to apply the great words of wisdom from my dear sweet friend Kara McCurdy...Forgive and Forget...Being married is much better than I imagined. It's nice to know that you always have a friend close to talk to and to share each others experiences.

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Janiece said...

You look great and very happy!