Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Friendly Hello

Well -
This is the explanation that you have all been waiting for.
I am writing this as though we are all friends here.
As you, my friend, may - or may not - already know,
I served a mission for the LDS Church in
Salta, Argentina.
It was an amazing experience and I would never change a thing.
In the last few months of my my mission
I kept feeling like I could do more if I stayed in Argentina
that I could if I went home. I started praying that
if I was suppose to stay that my parents would understand.
During this time my moms emails started to change -
she started telling me that she thought I needed to come back to Argentina to live.
It seemed like an answer to my prayers.
When I returned home I still missed Argentina
and could remember the desires that I had to stay in Argentina.
As my mom shared several spiritual experiences that she had felt,
and although our thoughts were different,
I was excited for the opportunity to come back and visit.
That opportunity came when one of my friends from my last mission area,
Tucuman Central, decided to get married.
Juan Rivadeneira had talked a lot with my mother and she was
determined to go to Buenos Aires for his wedding.
It worked out great for me because I really wanted to visit
my converts and friends and maybe even look into going to school here in Argentina.
When we arrived in Buenos Aires our official tour guides were
Sergio Andres Rivadeneira and Maira Rivadeneira.
I knew Sergio from Barrio Centro as well and
Maira had went with us to a few lessons when I was a missionary.
The more time that Sergio and I spent together
the more I realized what an amazing man he is.
I loved the way that he treated my mother and how he loved his family.
In time we started dating.
It was hard for me because before I came here I liked someone else and
falling in love with an Argentine was the last thing I was expecting.
I was really worried about what the other missionaries,
ex-missionaries, members, friends and my family were all going to think.
As I started to pray to know what I was suppose to do the answers came clearly
and quickly and through the scriptures.
Long story short...
I said that after Josh's wedding that when I knew who I was suppose to marry
I wouldn't wait
I know, and time is flying by.
You can call me a Gringanada now...
Its something between and Gringa and an empanada.
I like it...It makes me happy.


Janiece said...

Hey Sunshine!
Congrats on your new blog!
Everyone will love being able to follow your adventures in the land of Empanadas!
Love you!

linda said...

Welcome to blogland Kira! Because of how much I love your Mom, I feel like I know you too! I'm your Mom and Aunt Darlene's friend in CA and I just wish you the best in your new journey. I know it will be tough for you and your family to be living so far apart but you need to do what your heart tells you to do, especially after much prayer. I wish you love and happiness in your marriage and in Argentina!

Lene said...

Oh Miss Kira...
You are an amazing person and I can't wait to follow your Gringanada adventures.

Give your Mom a big hug from me.

Love your guts!

Lene said...

Oh and take the stupid word verification off your comments...grrrrr

SAYDA said...

To be quite honest. I admire you so much that you followed your dreams even if it meant it would take you so far away from your family here in B town. I think that for the past 4 years I've had the desire to live in Mexico, Meridad... the white city. I hear there is a temple there and there is no crime. It's like the hidden secret in Mexico. I've been wanting to live there for the past 4 years. I don't know why because I've never lived in Mexico. Deep down inside I feel that it would be medicine to our souls though. A place to slow down. Yet, I can't make that change in my life. I'm scared. That is why I admire you. You are brave. You will have a happy life. I know it! I'm so glad you started this blog so that we can follow you where ever you are.

kristi said...

Kira congradulations! We are so happy for you. I'm so glad you have a blog because I was feeling so bad about not seeing you around any more. I will love looking at your blog because I think you are the cutest person ever!

Marci Pickett said...

Thank you for the blog! Honestly I have been heart broken, knowing that I will probably not see you for a very long time. I have really missed you. I think about you all the time.
I never met Sergio, but I know you- and I know that you the greatest missionary I have had the privilege to serve with and that you of all people know how to make the best choices. I know I am being nothing but selfish! But I really will miss you. I really wish I could be there- I've tried. I really have. I'm sorry I won't be able to . But you will be (and have been) in my prayers and in my heart forever! I love you so much. I can't wait to hear all about your amazing and beautiful day.

All my love to you and Sergio-

David said...

Amiga querida! Felicitaciones a ti y a tu futuro esposo. Yo siento que te conozco por medio del blog de tu mama y las cartas que mandaste durante de tu mision. Yo servi en la MAS y conozco bien la belleza del area y la bondad de la gente. Los extrano muchisimo y me encantaria hacer lo que vos estas haciendo, es decir que me encantaria mudarme a argentina para vivir y trabajar... conoces de algun trabajo para mi? Ya tengo mi Bachelars en negocio y tengo experiencia de ser gerente de una tienda de repuestos automoviles...
Extrano un montonazo la gente buena de argentina. que la quides porfavor... si te mando direccion de la familia Valdez en el pueblito El Borde, la puedes visitar y bezar para mi? Ya se que vivis en tucuman y es muchisima la distancia (cerca a General Guemez en la provinica de salta) pero de todas las familias a quienes ensene durante de la mision mia, esa familia me tienes como hijo.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog

Janiece said...

I can hardly wait for the REST of the story!

Janiece said...

I won a total blog design from MaryRC!
and so I am going to have her do the design for you!
Start thinking what you would like your blog to look like!
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MaryRC said...

Miss Kira, contact me when your ready for the blog design